Christmas 2017 Closure Dates Announced

Our Christmas holiday closure dates :
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Plastic Welding Rod Buy Online

See our range of plastic welding rods for easy online purchase.

NEW Plastic Welding Tool – TE1600

Designed & developed in Switzerland, the new Techspan TE1600 is the latest edition to our range of Plastic Welding Tools

BCITO Flooring Apprentice of the Year Awards 2017

Techspan will again support the BCITO Apprentice of the Year Awards 2017 supplying the surpreme award –
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NEW Hot Wedge / Hot Air Wedge Welder PROTON

NEW Hot Wedge Hot Air combination automatic welder

Attention: Civil Engineers – The solution to your geo membrane welding is here
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Plastic Welding Kits – Extended Range

Plastic Welding Kits

Check out our new extending range
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Fastest Overlap Welding Machine LARON H

NEW Laron H (high speed) – Robust, efficient and high speed welding –
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What about fumes during plastic welding

Hot air plastic welding is a process that can be employed to weld not only rigid thermoplastics, but also flexible thermoplastics. In both cases there can sometimes be concerns raised about the potential smells and or fumes, and what should be done to keep operators safe.
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1 Million Youtube Views – How to Weld Plastics

A few years back we started a series of videos in order to assist customers in gaining the required knowledge in how to achieve effective, structural welding of plastics. The first one uploaded has just recently surpassed 1 million Youtube views.
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