Techspan Group
Techspan Group supply high technology industrial products recognized for very high quality and innovative design. Our market leading products provide our customers with technological and economic advantages. Our five core products are : injection moulding machinery, plastic welding equipment, ultrasonic equipment, thermal printing systems, and process heating equipment. We offer precision engineered products for the highest possible functionality and reliability. Wherever possible our machinery products are modular, providing a flexible and logical solution for our customer’s requirements, as well as cost advantages, ease of maintenance and servicing. Precision engineering and innovative design can be seen in our products every day, from the Engel tiebarless injection moulding machines, to our FEA computer designed ultrasonic sonotrodes, and the precision slitting of our thermal transfer ribbons. Techspan has supplied quality, high technology industrial products for over 30 years. We are a privately owned company, sensitive to the requirements and expectations of our customers and suppliers. Our staff bring to our organization a wealth of experience and expertise in materials and processing technology – providing our customers with the benefit of expert applications engineering advice and product knowledge.  Plastic Welding Tools Pty Limited, is a division of Techspan Group.

BAK-AG Switzerland
BAK is one of the leading manufacturer of Plastic Welding equipment, Extruders, Heaters and Blowers. BAK plastic welding tools are the right solution for – Plastic Fabrication, Print and Packaging, Pipe construction, Roofing, Civil Engineering, Tunnelling, Process Heat, Tarpaulins, Flooring and much more. BAK is a Swiss bases Company with their own production plants, development and warehouse facilities in Switzerland and Germany. BAK is present in more than 30 countries – with sales and service agents worldwide.

Dohle Extrusionstechnik GmbH
After many years of experience in the construction of plastics and special machinery, Dohle Extrusionstechnik GmbH was founded in 1997. Dohle is today the largest manufacturer of hand-held welding and extrusion welding machines – with outputs of 1 – 12 kg/h, our continually growing product range, our production facilities were extended in 2005 – offering our clients the most progressive technical know-how well into the future. We are experts in design and production of handheld welding and extrusion welding machines – with continuous development and construction of our machinery and equipment. Our goals: To provide functional, user friendly, with particular focus on providing the most reliable equipment available on the market. Innovative design and precision engineering for ‘trouble-free’ plastic welding. Dohle Extrusionstechnik GmbH is today co-owned by BAK-AG Switzerland.

Herz GmbH
The Herz Group, founded in 1965 in Neuwied, Germany, producing plastic welding and hot air process heating equipment – Herz GmbH Kunststoff.
The range of products was expanded by including hand-held welding extruders, test bells and other special test equipment for plastic processing, as well as butt fusion welding machines. Services: – Consultation over technological application advice in plastic welding and processing, Training on all our equipment from our product range, Technical advice when setting up workshops for plastic processing Repairs, Commissioing and technical service support, Advice about health protection and safety at work, Designing and implementing symposia covering plastic container construction, pipeline construction, civil engineering and structural engineering advice.