How to ID Plastics prior to Hot Air Welding

Plastics Identification:

You can only weld “like” materials. For example, Polypropylene (most car bumers) can only be welded with a Polypropylene welding rod. So it is very important to first identify the material to be welded. Today most plastics used in the manufature of modern vehicles are stamped with plastics identification codes, however, where this identification is not present, a welding test is required to ID the material to be welded. The quickest, safest and easiest way to do this is using a Techspan Rod Test Kit or RTK
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Plastics Identification – How to Identify Plastics prior to welding

Plastics Identification – how to identify plastics prior to welding:

Plastic Welding & repair is relatively easy to carry out, and providing you follow a few fundamental steps, strong structural welds can be achieved. Due to the high replacement cost of damaged plastic components Welding & repair of these parts becomes a very wise choice. Read more