1 Million Youtube Views – How to Weld Plastics

A few years back we started a series of videos in order to assist customers in gaining the required knowledge in how to achieve effective, structural welding of plastics. The first one uploaded has just recently surpassed 1 million Youtube views.

This video has also gained huge attention from training institutions around the world. We have had numerous requests for permission to use the video in their respective intranet sites or referrence sites for student resources and the like.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, today we rarely find customers in need of formal training. Rather this video is enough to guide users in gaining the required knowledge to perfect their techniques in the process of hot air plastic welding.

We have been supplying Plastic Welding Tools now for almost 40 years, and we would have watched how technology has changed how we do things.

YouTube is huge.. far larger than you may perceive. It is larger than almost every other search engine. Second only to Google. Research shows that Youtue is bigger than Bing and Yahoo … in fact larger than these two combined.

Youtube has over 300 hours of video clips uploaded per minute ! This equates to Youtube having approx. 150 million hours of video uploaded every year, which works out to some 17,170 years !!

Youtube has changed how we think.. and so learning new skills has changed dramatically. Once upon a time, before the internet and the awesomely huge video sharing site we now know as Youtube, we used to run regular instructional classes in “how to weld plastics”, however today, things are very different. With every plastic welding kit we supply, we include this instructional plastic welding video. Today we can hardly get 3 people together at the same time to run an instructional wedling course in-house. Today, all you need is access to the internet, and you can learn almost anything from an array of ‘how to’ or ‘instructional’ type Youtube videos.

You can literally search Youtube to learn how to do anything. Highly detailed videos are available where ever you have an internet connection.

VIDEO: How to Weld Plastics