NEW Text Book – Plastics Fabrication & Repair

The Ultimate Guide to Plastic Welding – A brand new Plastics Fabrication & Repair text book has been released this month.

Extruder Welders made in Switzerland

Manufactured in Switzerland, BAK-AG manufacture industrial equipment for Plastic Welding. All equipment complies to DVS worldwide welding standards set by the Swiss/German DVS Joining Society. High grade materials and high technology for trouble free plastics welding & repair.

Training – Plastic Welding – Hamilton Zoo

Training in How to Weld Plastics – with Hot Air  Plastic Welding – It’s not rocket science

Welding Clear PVC Cafe Blinds & Awnings

Many commercial restaurants, cafes and eateries offer outdoor seating for diners –
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Automotive Plastic Bumper Repair Welding

Plastic Welding Tools NZ Ltd, supply a complete range of plastic welding supplies –
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Marketing Boost to Motorsport/Automotive

Techspan Plastic Welding Tools Drift Car LS3 GT86

A fresh new venture to develop Techspan’s range of specialized equipment to the Motorsport / Automotive sector has seen our own technical sales guy Jake Fastnedge move into high gear.

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Plastic Repair Welding – Motorcycle Fuel Tank Repair

Here is a quick video demonstration of a small repair job on a motorcycle fuel tank.

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Water Tank Plastic Repair Welding

Plastic Welding helps the environment

Repair of plastics is a reality and can be completed with relative ease.

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Instructional Plastic Welding Video hits 2,001,145 Views

Learn how to weld plastics on Youtube

Plastic Fabrication – Plastic Repairs
Once upon a time we ran half day courses in hot air plastic welding. These days it has become difficult to get enough numbers to run such courses. We still do, but by prior arrangement, and in general for small class numbers. However today, the internet has changed that..

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NEW semi-auto overlap welder MICON

The NEW MicOn is new and innovative on the market

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Techspan TE1600 Hot Air Welder

TE1600 Plastic Welding Tool

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Merry Christmas 2018

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and safe and happy holidays. 

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NEW Waterproof Membrane Welder RoofOn Multi

The NEW Automatic Overlap welding tool from BAK-AG Switzerland –
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Techspan at the BCITO Apprentice Awards 2018

Techspan New Zealand have supported the NZ Flooring School, and the associated BCITO Flooring Apprentice of the Year Awards for many years.
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Roofing & Waterproofing Welder Promotion

Waterproof membranes are available in a number of materials. These include Modified Bitumen, PVC and TPO.
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3 NEW Wedge Welder models

Here are three new models of Wedge Welder – all designed for slightly different applications utilising technology & development from Switzerland.
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NEW TestOn tensiometer

Made in Switzerland, the new model TestOn Tensiometer for Weld Strength Testing

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Christmas 2017 Closure Dates Announced

Our Christmas holiday closure dates :
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Plastic Welding Rod Buy Online

See our range of plastic welding rods for easy online purchase.

NEW Plastic Welding Tool – TE1600

Designed & developed in Switzerland, the new Techspan TE1600 is the latest edition to our range of Plastic Welding Tools

BCITO Flooring Apprentice of the Year Awards 2017

Techspan will again support the BCITO Apprentice of the Year Awards 2017 supplying the surpreme award –
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NEW Hot Wedge / Hot Air Wedge Welder PROTON

NEW Hot Wedge Hot Air combination automatic welder

Attention: Civil Engineers – The solution to your geo membrane welding is here
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Plastic Welding Kits – Extended Range

Plastic Welding Kits

Check out our new extending range
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Fastest Overlap Welding Machine LARON H

NEW Laron H (high speed) – Robust, efficient and high speed welding –
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What about fumes during plastic welding

Hot air plastic welding is a process that can be employed to weld not only rigid thermoplastics, but also flexible thermoplastics. In both cases there can sometimes be concerns raised about the potential smells and or fumes, and what should be done to keep operators safe.
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1 Million Youtube Views – How to Weld Plastics

A few years back we started a series of videos in order to assist customers in gaining the required knowledge in how to achieve effective, structural welding of plastics. The first one uploaded has just recently surpassed 1 million Youtube views.
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Merry Christmas 2016

See our short video Christmas message –
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Techspan Train NZ Defence Force

Techspan Plastic Welding Tools are manufactured to meet worldwide welding standards, as set by the DVS Swiss/German Joining Association. Techspan can provide training on “how to weld plastics” to DVS standards.
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NEW Industrial Hot Air Tool ERON BL

Introducing the “Eron BL” industrial hot air tool

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Plastic Welding – Training Text Manual

Plastics Fabrication & Repair – Training Text Book Manual:


The Ultimate Guide to Plastic Welding –

A brand new Plastics Fabrication & Repair text book has been released. Read more

Preventative Maintenance Saves you money

Keeping your hot air tool clean will save you money –
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Plastic Welding – How Strong is it ?

We were recently asked by a customer to provide some information about weld strength of plastic welding, so we have decided to share this with you all –
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Welding Waterproof Membranes with Techspan

Techspan Planon Automatic Welding of Waterproof Membranes

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Techspan plastic welding tools – Mid Winter Dinner 2015

Our staff are the soul of our company, and are absolutely essential to our success. Every person working within our company is an essential member of our team, with individual skills, qualifications, experience and character. We have an ongoing commitment to the professional development, personal safety and wellbeing of our staff.
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BCITO Flooring Apprentice of the year 2015

The BCITO Flooring Apprentice of the Year Awards, held in Christchurch on Tuesday, 16 July, aims to recognise exceptional performance by tradespeople in the flooring industry

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A full range of Plastic Welding Rods are available in a variety of materials and colours

Only high quality, virgin materials are used in the manufacture of Techspan Plastic Welding Rods. Choose from a range of standard plastic welding rods that can be purchased online..
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Techspan – Plastic Welding Tools – WE HAVE MOVED

Techspan New Zealand have MOVED

To serve you better with even more space, Techspan New Zealand have moved to a larger modern building at 1 Portage Road, New Lynn, Auckland, which is just a bit further along the road from our old premises.

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Tape Welding Machine 50mm – 150mm width

Techspan reports :  The “Belton T” is designed for welding of flexible thermoplastic tapes from 50mm to 150mm widths

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Celebrating 35 years – Techspan Video clip

Techspan was founded in January 1979, by the late Frank J Fastnedge – This year marking 35 years.

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How to ID Plastics prior to Hot Air Welding

Plastics Identification:

You can only weld “like” materials. For example, Polypropylene (most car bumers) can only be welded with a Polypropylene welding rod. So it is very important to first identify the material to be welded. Today most plastics used in the manufature of modern vehicles are stamped with plastics identification codes, however, where this identification is not present, a welding test is required to ID the material to be welded. The quickest, safest and easiest way to do this is using a Techspan Rod Test Kit or RTK
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Plastic Welding Rods – NEW Bulk rolls shop online

Save time, buy online – Bulk rolls of plastic welding rods :

You can now purchase larger bulk plastic welding rods online. Bulk rolls are now available on spools of 400 meters. These bulk rolls are ideal for plastic fabricators or those using plastic extrusion welders.

A full range of Plastic Welding Rods are available for ‘online’ purchases, via our e-commerce online shop.
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NZ Flooring ITO Apprentice of the Year 2014

The NZ Flooring ITO Apprentice of the year – the supreme award goes to ……

Techspan have supported the NZ Flooring ITO awards since 2009. Since this time, Techspan has poured investment into the NZ Flooring School, with over $10,000 worth of Techspan Plastic Welding Tools. Every year Techspan also sponsor the Flooring ITO awards – supplying a Premium Flooring Kit for Vinyl Flooring welding – to the surpreme apprentice of the year.

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Sign Expo WINNERS announced

“ACM Plastic Welding Kit WINNER Announced”
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Plastic Welding Tools at NMW / AUSPLAS 2014

Techspan will display and demonstrate their range of Plastics & Printing Technologies at the upcoming National Manufacturing Week/Ausplas exhibition in Sydney next month. Technical specialists will be on hand to discuss your specific equipment needs. Read more


Techspan will participate at the upcoming SIGN NZ EXPO, which takes place in Auckland 11th – 12th April 2014 –

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Techspan sponsor Midget for Aus / NZ series

Techspan Plastic Welding Tools sponsor Midget Racing car for the Australian / New Zealand Midget racing season 2013/2014 .
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Tape Welder model Planon Band 50mm

NEW Planon Band Automatic Tape Welder

Techspan report on the NEW Automatic Welder model “PlanOn Band” – which is designed for welding of all your ‘tape welding’ requirements.
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Overlap Welder model Roofon R-edge 40mm

NEW Roofon R-Edge Overlap Welder

NEW Techspan’s latest Overlap Welder – for getting up close to the edge ..
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Techspan at SuperExpo 2013 – Gold Coast Australia 5th – 7th June

Techspan Plastic Welding Tools were on show at the SuperExpo 2013 held recently on the Gold Coast.
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Welding Large Section Plastics with Extruder Welders

Hand Extruder Welders – for welding of large wall section plastics

Extrusion Welders

An ‘extruder welder‘ is used for welding of large wall section thickness plastics materials. Read more

What to consider before buying a Plastic Welding Tool

Plastic Welding Tools – What to consider before you buy

Welding plastics is not rocket science, but the tools required to effect strong, structural plastic welding or repairs can be very important. Ensure you are familiar with the process, but also the equipment necessary to perform ‘trouble free’ plastic welding first time. Read more

Plastics Identification – How to Identify Plastics prior to welding

Plastics Identification – how to identify plastics prior to welding:

Plastic Welding & repair is relatively easy to carry out, and providing you follow a few fundamental steps, strong structural welds can be achieved. Due to the high replacement cost of damaged plastic components Welding & repair of these parts becomes a very wise choice. Read more

Flooring School gets Techspan Plastic Welding Tools

At the recent Apprentice of the Year Awards, Techspan Group not only provided the Supreme Award for the winner of this years Apprentice of the year awards, they also announced the donation of Plastic Welding equipment (thermo welding kits) to the National Flooring School.
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NEW Digital Hand-held Plastic Welding Tool

The all new Techspan® Rion digital plastic welder incorporates digital display of set and actual temperature values. Read more

Techspan Plastic Welding Tools on show at EMEX 2010

The range of Techspan Plastic Welding Tools were demonstrated at the EMEX 2010 exhibition in Auckland New Zealand during May 2010.

Here is a video covering the display booth during EMEX .

NEW High Speed Vinyl Flooring Welder

The Techspan® Flooron is an automatic welder for welding thermoplastic and linoleum flooring. The automatic welder has an automatic drive start system, and an optical device to stop the machine at the wall and prevent burning the floor material. Speed,  temperature, and airflow are infinitely adjustable via LCD screen, and an integrated, fully adjustable welding rod reel holder is included. High welding speeds (up to 12m/min.) are achievable due to the high airflow (up to 500m/min.). For cutting grooves prior to welding, the Techspan® Roton power grooving machine cuts welding grooves in all types of floor coverings. The machine has 2 cutting speeds (14,800 and 18,500 rpm), easily changeable blade, and integrated dust extraction fan and dust bag.