Techspan at SuperExpo 2013 – Gold Coast Australia 5th – 7th June

Techspan Plastic Welding Tools were on show at the SuperExpo 2013 held recently on the Gold Coast.
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Welding Large Section Plastics with Extruder Welders

Hand Extruder Welders – for welding of large wall section plastics

Extrusion Welders

An ‘extruder welder‘ is used for welding of large wall section thickness plastics materials. Read more

What to consider before buying a Plastic Welding Tool

Plastic Welding Tools – What to consider before you buy

Welding plastics is not rocket science, but the tools required to effect strong, structural plastic welding or repairs can be very important. Ensure you are familiar with the process, but also the equipment necessary to perform ‘trouble free’ plastic welding first time. Read more