Welding Clear PVC Cafe Blinds & Awnings

Many commercial restaurants, cafes and eateries offer outdoor seating for diners –

For protection from wind and rain many are using waterproof membranes such as PVC flexible materials to make a comfortable experience for customers.  With all of these outdoor screening methods there can also be a wide range of choice. One in particular, for visual purposes, are fabricated from Clear PVC –

Clear PVC is an ideal selection for blocking wind and rain but does not block the sunlight – making it a very popular choice. Clear PVC has been widely used in the marine industry for quite some time.

These flexible synthetic materials are generally fabricated by welding of the material. Usually an Overlap Hot Air Welding machine is used in this application.

Hot Air Overlap Welders

Welding Industrial Fabrics with hot air can is common place today. Both Automatic Overlap welders, and Hand welders are used to overlap weld material joins where the fabrication is ‘in-house’ – meaning the welding will be carried out on a flat, hard surface – such as a large bench top, or a hard smooth floor.  The hot air is produced by a Techspan Hot Air Blower, with a special nozzle which slides between the overlapped material. An on-board motor drives the machine along the length of the material to be welded.  Welding speed, temperature and airflow can all be controlled.

Here is a short video clip showing a recent welding demonstration of Clear PVC blind materials

Notice: Please read the following safety warning when welding PVC here.

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