NEW Waterproof Membrane Welder RoofOn Multi

The NEW Automatic Overlap welding tool from BAK-AG Switzerland –
Introducing the “RoofOn Multi” is designed for welding of flexible thermoplastic waterproof membranes, typically for welding on flat roofing structures.

The RoofOn Multi offers a welding seam width of 40mm, with wrinkle free welding. It provides digital read outs of set and actual welding parameters. Its maximum welding speed is 6 meters per minute with a temperature range of up to 620 degrees Celsius.

The RoofOn Multi also offers the ability to move the roller wheels to allow the machine to weld on narrow areas, making it a very versatile machine.

The RoofOn Multi also provides a step-less control of the output airflow as well as an Automatic drive start up.

RoofOn Mulit – the versatile ‘all-rounder’ for small and detailed welding of your membranes.

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Overlap Welder model RoofOn Multi

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