NEW TestOn tensiometer

Made in Switzerland, the new model TestOn Tensiometer for Weld Strength Testing

The TestOn is a reliable, precise Tensiometer designed for the testing of overlap welding seam for ‘shear’ weld strength.

The TestOn uses a simple clamping arrangement makes it very easy to set up the test. The clamping jaws are also rotatable.

Storage of test data graphic data printout is possible thanks to the USB stick.

Technical data: 

Voltage 230v, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 250w
Tension force 200 N max.
Drive distance absolute 450mm max.
Drive speed 200mm/min max.
Dimensions 105cm x 15cm x 16cm (LxWxH)
Number of recordable parameters 64 max.
Extrenal saving USB-stick
Weight  14.8 kg
CE conformity
Made in Switzerland
Protection class I


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