NEW – TE1600 Swiss Designed & Developed

Designed & developed in Switzerland, the new Techspan TE1600 is the latest edition to our range of Plastic Welding Tools

Robust construction, Polyamide handle, fully self-contained with a built in blower and features electronic temperature control. Set temperatures between 20 – 700 deg C !

The TE1600 Plastic Welding Tool operates from your standard 230 volt, 10 amp, 3 pin, single phase power socket. It is double insulated and carries the European CE mark of conformity. It carries a 12 month limited warranty and is designed for plastic welding applications. Stylish but practicle Swiss design, the TE1600 has been designed to accept all the major brand accessory nozzles 100%. The  TE1600 plastic welding kits are designed to cater to a wide range of industies. All accessory nozzles are an easy push fit on the welding tools standard nozzle, (tubluar nozzle 5mm dia). Purchase either in Kit form or individually. Our range of plastic welding kits prove very popular – and now include the TE1600 plastic welding tools in both ‘standard’ or ‘premium’ kit options.

An ‘air-cooled’ element housing provides additional operator safety.

Any colour you like, as long as its Black
We decided to colour the TE1600 plastic welding tool in black.


  • Energy HT1600 – 230 V / 1600 W
  • Voltage 230 V , 1600 W, 10 amp
  • Temperature range °C 20 – 700
  • Air volume (20°C) l/min 180
  • Pressure static kPa 2600
  • Weight kg 1.05
  • Protection class II
  • CE conformity
  • Designed and developed in Switzerland
  • 12 month limited warranty*

*Heating elements are not coverd by warranty


Techspan TE1600 Brochure
Techspan TE1600 Operating Instructions

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The TE1600 Plastic Welding Tool can be purchased individually, or in Kit form.
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