NEW High Speed Vinyl Flooring Welder

The Techspan® Flooron is an automatic welder for welding thermoplastic and linoleum flooring. The automatic welder has an automatic drive start system, and an optical device to stop the machine at the wall and prevent burning the floor material. Speed,  temperature, and airflow are infinitely adjustable via LCD screen, and an integrated, fully adjustable welding rod reel holder is included. High welding speeds (up to 12m/min.) are achievable due to the high airflow (up to 500m/min.). For cutting grooves prior to welding, the Techspan® Roton power grooving machine cuts welding grooves in all types of floor coverings. The machine has 2 cutting speeds (14,800 and 18,500 rpm), easily changeable blade, and integrated dust extraction fan and dust bag.