Celebrating 35 years – Techspan Video clip

Techspan was founded in January 1979, by the late Frank J Fastnedge – This year marking 35 years.

“It’s gone by in the blink of an eye, and it’s been an awesome journey” says Dave Fastnedge, CEO of Techspan Group.

Frank was an electronics engineer and in the 1950′s and 60′s he worked on industrial high frequency generators for induction heating and hardening of metals, forming and welding of PVC and DSC00022polyurethane materials. This led to an interest in plastic welding, and when Frank established Techspan in 1979, one of the first products was a Swiss made hand-held hot air plastic welder. With the passage of time, dedication and persistence, the product range has improved and grown, and we now have 5 core product lines : plastic injection moulding machines, plastic welding equipment, ultrasonic equipment, industrial printing systems, and process heating equipment.

Today, Techspan Group is still a 100% privately owned (family) business, with warehousing in Sydney Australia, and Auckland New Zealand.

Video – 35 years on

“This video clip is a light hearted look at where we have been, and an introduction to our awesome staff. We hope you enjoy our ‘fun’ video clip, celebrating 35 years. Special thanks to all our staff and of course our customers.” – Dave Fastnedge, CEO Techspan Group