Automotive Plastic Bumper Repair Welding

Plastic Welding Tools NZ Ltd, supply a complete range of plastic welding supplies –

Including: plastic welding tools, plastic welding kits, accessory nozzles, plastic welding rods, spare parts and information on how to weld plastics according to worldwide DVS joining standards.

Our equipment is designed for commercial users – reliable, innovative, and precision engineered for the toughest plastic welding fabrication and repair work.

Manufactured in Switzerland, Austria & Germany. We also provide service & backup covering all major brands – including: Techspan Plastic Welding tools, BAK, Dohle, Herz, and Leister.

Videos – How to Weld & Repair Plastic

See our short video clip – Plastic Bumper Repair Welding Demo

See our full Instructional Welding Video – How to Weld Plastic

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